What is it?

The BLUEGREEN Sustainable Building Project is a global, industry-wide collaborative effort to design and build a standardized, commercially viable, sustainable, net-zero (or net+) modular building ‘platform’ that can be easily adapted for use across multiple environments, applications, and building types.

How will we do it?


We will work with suppliers, designers and experts from around the world to plan, build and test a prototype building, refining the design until we get to a commercially viable platform.


Standardize a design, materials list, spec, and technology package as a ‘kit of parts’ that enable certified manufacturing partners (CMPs) to easily duplicate the building anywhere in the world.


Enable a way for organizations to easily obtain the plans, parts, and assembly instructions by organizing documents, suppliers, assembly support, and negotiating prices as a group.


Create a certification process that CMPs can use to verify that their building meets the Bluegreen Platform performance standards.


Develop and launch the Blueearth.cloud service that all Bluegreen Platform buildings will tie into and communicate with (IoT) to share global performance data for analysis, and download updates as provided.


Provide a central source of information, support, and data for manufacturers and end users of the platform to interact with and access experts’ advice.

Where does it all start?

Our first prototype will be manufactured, evaluated and studied in one of the fastest growing regions in the world; the United Arab Emirates. With a dedication to everything ‘smart’ and an average ambient summer temperature of 42 degrees with abundant solar potential, the UAE is the perfect location to test the platform for extreme, hot environments.

The Process:

Phase 1
Market Survey

Identify global needs from a cross-section of potential users (Commercial, NGO, Government, Private) and decide on a footprint/envelope that will best serve the majority of requirements.

Phase 2

Identify and organize a global list of suppliers, innovators, manufacturers, designers, and advocates that will contribute to the project, collaborate, and provide all the expertise and parts required to build a successful prototype.

Phase 3

Evolve the design and increase its efficiency through iterations until a commercially viable product is ready. Lock down the specification into a ‘standard’ with version number.

Phase 4
Commercial Offer

Provide the full plans with parts supplier/vendor list through the BLUEGREEN commercial venture and provide ongoing support to CMPs and end users.

The Story:

Public Relations / Promotion

From day one, we will have a dedicated global team of ambassadors promoting the project on every medium. Once the prototype is stable and ready, it (or several) will be taken on a road show making appearances at conferences, expos, and other locations where people would be interested in the platform.

Data Collection / Sharing

All data from the development of the prototype will be shared with members of the collective and project sponsors. This system and data will form the base for the Blueearth.cloud service that all buildings will eventually be communicating with for updates and data exchange.

Bluegreen Foundation

The BLUEGREEN Foundation will be established with the objective of creating a fund that will provide support for global projects that are in need of the platform and off-grid modular buildings for humanitarian efforts.