The Platform

Why do we call it a [simple_tooltip content=’In the technology industry, a platform is a base upon which people build their own application ontop of. Windows is a platform, android is a platform, Apple also has a platform. We intend on creating a base, consisting of a building design, parts and a suite of technology that works together to be a sustainable modular building that others will furnish and outfit to fit their needs. Therefore, we thought it matches the description of a platform very nicely.’]Platform[/simple_tooltip]’?

The Bluegreen Building ‘Platform’ is a complete, turn-key, easy to assemble solution for manufacturers that want to produce a highly efficient, off-grid capable, green energy ready, IoT connected, ‘Smart’ modular buildings.

The Building

Complete Kit

Our ‘kit of parts’ will be based on a standard, road transportable modular envelope, designed for specifically for energy efficiency, comfort and ergonomics. 

Off-Grid Ability

With solar & wind energy generation, Bluegreen buildings will be capable of complete 24/7 off-grid operation in any environment. Grey Water reclamation irrigates green spaces and provides additional cooling/shading. 


Integrated sensors and smart controls have direct connection to the providing auto-commissioning,  real-time reporting, controls, and performance dashboards. It is also AI/Machine learning ready.

The System


Certified Manufacturing Partners (CMPs) will have direct connections to vendors and use certified plans and parts to build their buildings. Once completed, ‘smart’ connectivity to Blueearth’s cloud servers will self-commission buildings and ensure that all systems are working exactly as designed and intended. If a building meets standards, it is logged as a ‘certified Bluegreen build’.

Supply Chain

While all parts will come directly from vendors, Bluegreen will become the B2B hub for orders and logistics support. Prices for parts will be pre-negotiated with volume discounts, premium warranties and support. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get our partner’s products into the hands of CMPs and end users.


We are here to support our CMPs, and your end users. From the logistics of getting your parts to technical questions during your builds and beyond to commissioning, troubleshooting and fine-tuning, we will be ready to help. Our integrated smart technology remotely monitors all buildings and alerts you to problems before they happen.


The ideology of the Bluegreen platform is to develop a base kit of parts that can be adapted for use in multiple platforms depending on the end users specific requirements.

V1.0 Concept



Planned Features



  • Bluegreen Platform 1.0 will be based on a standard, road-transportable, modular frame.
  • The ‘kit of parts’ will include everything that manufacturing partners need in order to build complete buildings.
  • Once buildings are ‘switched on’, they will automatically test, self-commission and communicate with ‘’, sharing performance data and becoming part of the global collective.
  • As more buildings are connected to the hub and more data becomes available for analysis, updates to the building’s smart management software will ensure that the building is operating at peak efficiency.
  • End users can monitor and control their fleet of buildings via our dashboard and/or app to ensure they are operating efficiently, and to provide proactive maintenance.



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