Founding Partners

Evergreen Zen is a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, architects and leading industry experts are excited to be a part of the Bluegreen project working on what we believe will be the future of building technology. With high profile modular projects completed all over the world. Optimise brings our years of experience to the table and will be working with our partners to create a space that is sustainable, comfortable, and inspiring.

Qi Energy’s young, dedicated, sustainable centric team are real renewables superheroes. We are not bound by the status quo of what energy production or storage should look like. We work with cutting edge technologies to innovate quickly and disrupt entire industries. Our solutions, like our team, are practical, inventive, and integrate seamlessly into the architecture of our modern world.

Partners & Sponsors


We are privileged to have WSP as our official engineering partner. Headquartered in Montreal Canada, WSP  is one of the largest professional services firms in the world.


Avario intelligent home automation is a leading home automation hardware and software developer based in Dubai with systems designed specifically for extreme conditions.


O3 construction management provides experienced building envelope industry professionals to the GCC construction market. Our people have decades of experience in bidding, engineering, design, project management and execution across a broad spectrum of building envelope systems.


Soliara Lighting designs and builds highly efficient, wirelessly controlled smart lights and will be designing and supplying all lighting for the project.


Binarybean IoT R&D is providing their commercially trialled and tested IoT platform to the project.


Part of the Al Masaood Group of Companies, Al Masaood Bergum(AMB) has been operating globally since 1978 delivering high-quality Modular / Prefab Building Solutions. As one of the largest commercial organizations in the United Arab Emirates, they are providing the manpower and space to build and refine the Bluegreen 1.0 prototype.


Avario intelligent home automation is a leading home automation hardware and software developer based in Dubai with systems designed specifically for extreme conditions.


Monitac specializes in smart, sustainable, modular buildings created from upcycled shipping containers. They bring a unique mix of worldwide experience to the team. 

  • Shaun Shulba
    Shaun ShulbaProject Ambassador

    Shaun has spent the last twenty five years converting concepts into businesses which solve difficult problems in challenging environments. A serial entrepreneur with two exits under his belt, Shaun combines real world experience with an aptitude for invention, teambuilding, and leadership. As a business development director and COO, Shaun has been directly responsible for successfully delivering over 130 million USD in projects within the MENA region. His companies have spanned modular, IoT, automation and e-commerce sectors with disruption and innovation as the goal.

    Email – [email protected]

  • Richard Scott-Smith
      Richard Scott-SmithResearch & Development

      Richard earned a masters degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University and is the founder of two successful companies specializing in modular buildings (Montiac) and smart building management technology (Avario) . From designing the award winning façade of Northumbria University’s Law & Design buildings, to building a three-restaurant complex in a single day in Bahrain, Richard has a history of delivering challenging projects and a diverse wealth of real world leadership experience.

    • Neil Doe
        Neil DoeConstruction & Materials

        Neil has over 25 years of experience in facades and renewables within the built environment. For the past decade, Neil has been based in the Middle East and worked in a consultative role with major contractors on projects including King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Frame and more recently One Za’abeel. Neil’s experience of solar in the built environment dates back to early 2001 where he worked for the Schuco architectural team in London. Since then, Neil has witnessed first-hand the evolution of solar technologies in the built environment.

      • Arron Astley
          Arron AstleyEngineering - Sustainability

          Aaron graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a focus on renewable energy. Since graduating, he has worked with notable research facilities on projects surrounding renewables in the region. Since co-founding Qi-energy, Aaron has been focused in changing the public perception of renewable energy through innovative solutions using CIGS thin-film modules and the integration of emerging technologies such as micro smart-grids (MSG) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G).